WBCSD Climate & Energy

WBCSD is the premier global, CEO-led community of over 200 of the world’s leading sustainable businesses, working collectively to accelerate the system transformations needed for a net zero, nature-positive, and more equitable future. WBCSD builds impactful coalitions and networks that allow members to accelerate the transformation of major economic systems, in line with Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Climate Agreement, and Vision 2050.

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WBCSD Resources

The following documents have been recognized as resources from SBTi that corporate and businesses can use..

The SOS 1.5 project has developed a business roadmap, which framework provides six key steps and 16 actions to help companies design and implement their journeys to achieve net-zero emissions before 2050.

Guidance for the calculation and exchange of product-level carbon emissions data across value chains.

This report presents a framework of supplier incentivization levers that companies can use to decarbonize their supply chains, ranging from penalty-based to reward-based levers. The framework is supported by case studies as well as concrete steps companies can take to incentivize supply chain decarbonization.

This is a guide to a cost-effective way to embed decarbonization incentivization into the supply chain, as it integrates with existing procurement processes and can be formalized over the lifetime of a contract.